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Borrow My Heart by Kasie West 

Appealing characters and lively interwoven plots made for compelling reading. 

Wren Brady was in the coffee shop where her best friend, Kamala, worked as a barista when two cute guys came in. One had his phone out, filming the other and baiting him about meeting an online crush at the shop for a first date: he did not believe the girl actually existed and that his friend had been catfished. As the jokey taunting continued and the girl in question failed to arrive, Wren felt sorry for the apparent dupe. She impulsively decided to introduce herself as the no-show Gemma, with the intention of privately confessing her masquerade to the boy later and “breaking up.” But before she can gracefully admit her ploy, she starts to feel that she may want to get to know, for real, the lanky, appealing Asher, who surprisingly gives the best hugs ever. 

Borrow My Heart is a wonderful new contemporary young adult romance that touches both the heart and the funny bone. The situation Wren puts herself in will strike a chord with the tender-hearted, the save-the-dayers, animal lovers, and social media users. Wren and Asher are a cute couple, each complementing the other while providing the warmth and support each one needs until a big misstep derails their journey to a HEA. 

Wren is a sympathetic character who’s been hurt in the past and erected some big boundaries around her heart, spelled out by the “Rules for Dating” that head each new chapter. She has a best friend in Kamala, who really knows and understands why she is the way she is, and is a stable and safe voice of reason and support. 

Two additional compelling storylines are woven into the main plot and hooked me: Wren and Asher’s mission to find the dog, Bean, a forever home, and Wren’s relationship with her mother and sister, Zoey. The couple’s efforts to market Bean’s desirability for adoption were creative and filled with fun and surprises. Though hopeful at the outset, Wren and Zoey’s visit with their mother at the Lake Tahoe commune proved to be a reality check. Unfortunately, both secondary storylines mirror circumstances that can be seen daily in real life, and the plots may resonate with many readers. Thankfully, there are some HEAs in the offing by the book’s end. 

With its engaging characters and lively plot, I recommend BORROW MY HEART to readers who enjoy contemporary young adult romantic fiction. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author or publisher through TBR and Beyond Book Tours.

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