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Moody Moody Cars by Eileen Kennedy-Moore; Photographs by Michael Furman 

Vibrant and whimsical children's picture book that supports essential developmental milestones. 

Moody Moody Cars, the new picture book by author Eileen Kennedy-Moore, is not only a whimsical presentation of facial expressions seen in automobiles but a great launch pad for parents to discuss feelings with their children and support their emerging abilities to recognize different emotions in the people around them from visual cues. The photographs and the accompanying line drawings that emphasize the elements on a car's front end and bumper that create the impression of a face are clear and colorful, and the picture's emotion is introduced in rhyme. I would have LOVED this book as a child as I was completely into seeing cars' faces, and I'm still a fan of fun, rhymes, and cadences. 

There is an absolute gem of a Note to Readers that is absolutely fascinating. It starts by discussing the human trait of "pareidolia, which is our tendency to see faces in things." It goes on to explain how a child's ability to recognize and distinguish between different emotions is an ability that develops as the child ages; you're not born with it. Further discussion about how parents can assist their children in developing this essential skill is quite enlightening. 

I recommend MOODY MOODY CARS to parents and teachers of preschool and younger elementary-age children and school librarians serving this age group. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tours.

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