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Eyes on the Road (Tow Truck Murder Mystery, #3) by Karen C. Whalen 

Delaney Morran returns to investigate a puzzling vehicular accident covering up a murder! 

When Delany Morran, the ‘High-Heeled Tow Truck Driver,’ was called to the scene of a fatality accident, she quickly realized that the vehicle, which had lost control in a mountain curve and rolled down a rugged slope, would need a larger recovery vehicle than she could provide. Naturally, she contacted her boyfriend, Tanner Utley, who could handle the job with his bigger flat-bed truck and heavy-duty towing winch. But when the car was examined more closely, it appeared that a brick had been placed on the accelerator. This was no accident; someone had deliberately caused the car to go down the cliffside, and the police were looking at a case of murder. 

Eyes on the Road is the third delightful entry in author Karen C. Whalen’s excellent cozy mystery series, the Tow Truck Murder Mysteries, set in the fun ski resort town of Spruce Ridge, Colorado. With its mix of amateur murder investigation, hijacked tow trucks, and the alarming disappearance of several young female seasonal workers, the story hooked me from the start and never let me go. 

I like the main character, Delaney Morran, so much. She’s steadily growing her traditionally male-operated business and unique brand since picking up the reins of her father’s towing service after his death. She’s surrounded by good friends and family, who pitch in when needed with both her business operations and murder investigations. However, ‘Cousin’ Axel is proving to be her real ‘ride or die’ partner in crime. Though I like Tanner, I’m ready to see what the sheriff has to offer.

 The plot has Delaney and the sister of the murder victim running back and forth all over town, questioning any and all who may be able to shed some light on the dead woman’s final days. The pace really picks up when they discover Jaana may not be the only victim of foul play; several young foreign women who came to the area as seasonal workers have disappeared. The story had me confounded as to what was going on, as there was much prevarication and misdirection on the part of witnesses. Some of this turns out to truly be confused witnesses or ones who have partaken too much and too often of adult substances rather than out and out lying, though. Consequently, there were several red herrings to dismiss, and I didn’t see the resolution coming at all. Yes, to looking forward to the next in the series! 

I recommend EYES ON THE ROAD to cozy mystery readers who enjoy strong female amateur sleuths, comedic situations, a little romance and angst between the characters, or Colorado settings. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

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