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The Anchor by Kevin R. Doyle 

Is an obsessed fan trying to improve a young news anchor's chance at the top spot? 

With one of the lead news anchors at KCCV-TV in Riverside, Kansas, out on medical leave, it falls to the morning anchor, Jennifer McCallister, and her noonday rival, Lisa Walker, to pick up the slack. Both are vying to become the permanent replacement should Karyn Vickers prove to be unable to return. But the 20-hour workdays quickly take their toll on Jen's life, disrupting her relationship with her fiancé, Jack, her physical health, and her mental well-being. She worries if it's even worth it, and when a fan starts sending her notes, gifts, and over-the-top floral tributes and, coincidentally, showing up at the small out-of-the-way bar one night, Jen gets a creepy, stalkerish vibe from the guy. But when an unknown assailant savagely beats her fiancé and coworkers are fatally targeted, everyone starts to believe the obsessed fan may be trying to eliminate the competition for Jen's dream job and affection. 

Anchor is a new crime thriller from the pen of veteran storyteller Kevin R. Doyle, and once again, he does not disappoint. The story, told from multiple viewpoints, is a riveting tale and initially unfolds from several seemingly unrelated directions. But the author skillfully takes each divergent plotline and weaves together an amazing whole. From the start, I was invested in the story, compelled to keep reading well past midnight, confronted by one twist and turn after another. Although there were some clever indications of who was behind everything, I failed to make the connections up front and was completely surprised by the reveal. 

Each of the main characters, through whose eyes the story is told, is engaging in their own ways. Jen, hoping to win the lead anchor's slot, is a competent news spokesperson but still seems vulnerable and insecure over her future when telling her view of events. Her coworker Bryan Aldiss, hot on the trail of a big story, is a sympathetic friend but is frequently heard to give Jen constructive criticism regarding her attitude and demeanor in the newsroom. He's more tuned in to what's going on around him than any of the others. The progress of the police investigations into the different cases are revealed through the eyes of the hard-working Crimes Against Persons' detectives, Benson and Loftin. The reflections by "The Georgia Man" give a chilling insight into the city's criminal underbelly and cleverly tease hints, clues, and a few red herrings. 

I recommend THE ANCHOR to readers of crime fiction and thrillers and those interested in what goes on behind the scenes at a television newsroom. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tours.

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