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Viking Private Investigation: Season Two (Viking P.I., #2) by Tommy Ueland 

The quirky Viking P.I., Tommy Ueland, returns with more entertaining private-eye tales from Norway. 

Tommy Ueland returns with more stories of private investigations in the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” As he writes his novel, Tommy keeps hearth and home together by working as a private investigator. While his bread & butter is checking on husbands and wives doing suspicious things, he has also caught a couple of exciting and different types of cases. 

In Season Two, Tommy helps a man imprisoned for 50 years determine whether or not he actually committed the crime he’s been incarcerated for almost his entire life. In another, he helps stop some pretty blatant pilfering in a charity shop. During the course of his work, Tommy may have also met the woman of his dreams. 

Viking Private Investigation: Season Two was delightful and easy to read. The author has a comfortable, self-deprecating writing style that is funny and very engaging. I particularly liked how matter-of-fact and straight-to-the-point his investigations were. I’ve already gotten the next book in the series; I enjoyed this one so much.

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