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Rain Dance (Rain Mystery Trilogy, #2) by David Homick 

The second of the RAIN MYSTERY TRILOGY, RAIN DANCE is another stellar mystery from the pen of author David Homick. 

After solving the mysteries of his missing younger brother and his father’s murder, Dillon Bishop and his mother left Bradley, Texas, in their rearview mirror for the Red Valley Ranch in Redfield, Colorado. The ranch is home to the woman Dillon thinks may be “the one,” Jenn Myles, and for him, home is where the heart is. 

Their arrival surprised and pleased Jenn, but Dillon also had a shock waiting. The young boy he’d saved from the rubble of an Afghani village was there. Jenn had gotten close to the child while overseas and had gotten him into the country. She was in the middle of arrangements to adopt Alex. But that wasn’t all. Jenn had inherited the ranch equally with her cousin, Seth McDonald, and Seth made it clear he thought Dillon, his mother, and Alex didn’t belong there. 

Not to be run off from the woman he loved, Dillon pitched in on the ranch, ready to do whatever it took to fit in. But as the days passed, little things about Uncle Roy’s final days and death failed to add up. And when secret deals that Seth made behind Jenn’s back with a large, commercial marijuana-growing conglomerate come to light, something Roy had wanted nothing to do with, Dillon starts to dig into the truth behind Roy’s death. It becomes immediately apparent that someone doesn’t like it. 

Rain Dance is the second book in author David Homick’s exciting Rain Mystery Trilogy, and it is another riveting page-turner of a story. This go-round, Dillon Bishop and Jenn Myles investigate the final days before her Uncle Roy’s death and have a number of possible culprits for a murder that’s been covered up as natural causes. Each of the suspects muddy the waters of truth by adamantly pointing the finger at one of the other candidates. 

Dillon is still showing signs of recovery from the PTSD that had plagued him since Afghanistan: Colorado had been good for him in addition to the Rain Dance tea provided by the shaman, Leota, in book one. His apprehension about becoming a father (adoptive) and formalizing his relationship with Jenn was thoughtful and understandable, and I liked that he was working on both. On the other hand, Jenn has some secrets yet to explain, and I will anxiously await the final book in the trilogy for the resolutions to those. 

This author’s writing style continues to hit all the right notes. The dialogue throughout and Dillon’s inner voice is perfect. The plot is intriguing, as Dillon and his pal, Cooper Hill, follow the money and outsmart the bad guys. It was a very clever and well-thought-out investigation. 

Readers are introduced to Dillon’s new stomping grounds of Redfield, Colorado, and the small town brings with it some fresh new supporting characters. Hattie Scott is a quirky and lovable throw-back to the 60s, as is Charlie “Buck” Owens. I was midway through the story before the penny dropped and on his nickname. (But of course, that’s what it would be!) I hope both returns in the next book. Alex is a wonderful addition to the family that is forming, and I really liked his storyline. With the inclusion of Alex, the horse rescue setting, and Dillon’s inner monologue, I am somewhat reminded of David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series, only grittier and more serious. 

With its compelling plot, engaging characters, and bold-as-brass tactics of the bad guys, I was thoroughly absorbed into another stellar mystery by David Homick. I recommend RAIN DANCE to mystery readers who enjoy a solid plot with an intelligent investigation or a Colorado setting that makes you feel like you’re right next to the characters. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from Reedsy Discovery.


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