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Race Against Time (Sands of Time Trilogy, #2) by C. J. Peterson 

This second book in the worthwhile trilogy even tops the first! 

The Hunt's parents, taken by thugs from Dr. Noah Roth's Maine-based clinic, Blake and Sheriff Wyatt Reynolds anxiously await Holly's recuperation to confront their two newly discovered half-siblings. Deanna and Adam Roth have been sedated until Holly regains her full strength in case of a struggle, as she is the only one capable of subduing the two again. But once the pair hears Blake's and Holly's story, they begin to see different possibilities for their futures and those of their siblings still under Dr. Roth's control back in Maine. Together with their new allies, they plan to rescue Grace, Ben, and their remaining brothers and sisters. 

Meanwhile, Holly and Blake's new friends from the church youth group also discover they have drawn the evil doctor's attention. Afraid their continued presence at home would make their families targets, they secretly set out on the road after Sheriff Reynolds and the four gifted teens hoping their additional research and ideas would help free the Hunts and the other teens held in Maine. 

Race Against Time is the second book in the Sands of Time Trilogy by award-winning author C.J. Peterson, and if possible, even better than book one, Appointed Time! Happily, the story picks up right where book one left us, and we finally get to catch up with the main adult characters in the story: Hope (Grace), Ben, and Alex. I had an idea where the story would go with Ben and Hope, but Alex's role, when revealed, was a complete surprise! 

The teenage contingent from the church has organized nicely in order to help their new friends, Holly and Blake, as they head to Maine to rescue their adoptive parents, recently discovered siblings, and stop Professor Roth from continuing his genetic experimentation. I loved how the four gifted teens learned from one another, especially in what their unique skills are capable of, but also about mundane things such as fast food or Slurpees. 

More so than was the case in book one, this story relies on the characters living and sharing their Christian faith. The teenagers routinely challenged each other to examine their actions and spirituality when the plot created the opportunity for them to do so. Even as an older adult, some of the shared analogies and discussions were valuable reminders and inspirational. However, even if Christian-forward fiction is not your cup of tea, there is plenty more action and adventure to enjoy here. I look forward to getting into the trilogy's final book as soon as possible. 

I recommend RACE AGAINST TIME to readers who enjoy contemporary young adult Christian science fiction/fantasy stories and those who read and enjoyed the first book in the trilogy.


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