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Good For It (A Grifter’s Song, #30) by T.G. Wolff 

With its likable characters and clever plot, GOOD FOR IT is better than great! 

On the run from mobsters out of Philadelphia, Sam and Rachel stop for a quick bite in bump-in-the-road Wisconsin Dells, looking to melt into the rural background and out of sight of their dogged pursuers. They’d left their last sanctuary in Minneapolis in a real hurry with little more than what they were wearing, so this was a short break to recharge, refuel, and regroup. However, when they overhear a woman at the next table lament the unexpected exit of critical staff from the luxury senior living establishment she ran, the two are all ears. There could be worse places to hide out than Catalonia Shoals, with its concentrated abundance of wealthy, elderly pigeons to pluck. Engineering a “chance” encounter, San and Rachel, now known as John and Tricia, are hastily engaged as live-in caretakers. But as the days pass and they slowly draw their elderly targets into their latest scam, the two grifters don’t realize that they are the ones that may be the marks. 

Good For It by author T.G. Wolff is the 30th entry in the terrific novella anthology, A Grifter’s Song, which follows the moves and maneuvers of Sam and Rachel, a pair of con artists on the lam from the capo of the Philadelphia mob. The books stand alone and are written by a variety of different authors. From the reviews, each is a gem in its own right, and this tale is outstanding as well. 

The main characters, Sam and Rachel, are fun and flirty with each other: a committed couple. They are also ever-ready with a con to separate a mark from their money while evading their mob pursuers and setting up a safe exit strategy. While cold-blooded and unsentimental in their endeavors, I think a couple of the residents of Catalonia Shoals got under their guard this time. The ending carries a fair amount of melancholy. 

The senior facility sounds like a sweet deal, and the residents are absolutely living their best lives in style and comfort, but they are not at all who they seem. I enjoyed the older characters immensely, and though I liked the two con artists, I was delighted with the outcome and laughed out loud over some of the dialogue as the real con was revealed. 

With its likable characters and clever plot, I recommend GOOD FOR IT to readers who enjoy crime fiction and characters of a certain age. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours.

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