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Pretty Evil by Zoe Rosi 

The story is riveting, and I was compelled to keep reading; it was that good! 

During the work week, Camilla Black (not her real name, by the way) is the cool, collected, and laser-focused editor of the successful fashion magazine, Couture. But away from the office, she is the secret avenger of abused women and children, seeking out the predators who take advantage of those weaker than themselves and meting out justice. But one night, when she herself is almost a victim of date rape, she lets her rage and need for vengeance carry her away. Her impulsive actions that night sidestep her usually meticulous planning and attention to detail, and now the police have her on their radar. 

Evil is a gritty and dark thriller of a novel: tense, twisted, and full of surprises. The story unfolds through the eyes of a murderer, Camilla herself, so readers are privy to her thoughts and feelings and firsthand narrative. Camilla is chameleon-like, and I wondered throughout the tale whether she was a reliable narrator at all. Her backstory is fascinating and horrible; she was an abused child whom no one believed. 

Camilla functions in London’s world of high fashion and the ultra-wealthy: but that’s her “day job.” We are also treated to a variety of London’s less sparkling neighborhoods and suburbs as she researches and tracks down her next project. There are vivid descriptions of the murders that are committed and a good handful of explicit sexual encounters, making this book one for mature audiences only. 

The action begins immediately and never lets up. The plot is tightly constructed with Camilla enacting her vengeance, seeking to blow off steam with her lovers, taking evasive maneuvers to throw off the police, and going on to track down her next victim. The story is riveting, and I completed the book in only two reading sessions; it was that good! 

With its fascinating secret assassin as a protagonist and an exciting and compelling storyline, I highly recommend PRETTY EVIL to readers who enjoyed the series, Dexter, how-done-its, thrillers, and gripping tales set in London. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Xpresso Book Tours.

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