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Sounds Like Love by Laura Ford 

Fun, inspirational young adult story with a strong heroine and a very smart cat. 

When Wendy went to pick up a box of mementos from her grandmother’s estate, she was shocked and dismayed to discover she was supposed to take the cat home as well. Wendy was not a fan of cats. Her parents had been avid cat fanciers, and she had grown up feeling the cats were more important to them than their daughter. 

The cat surprise was just one of several that Wendy was struggling to deal with at the moment. Besides the loss of her grandmother, she was also steadily losing her hearing, a hereditary trait. Her grandmother had also gone deaf as an adult, much later in life than Wendy. The older woman had been Wendy’s anchor as she’d gone through testing and diagnosis and had been helping her with lip reading and signing. But now she was gone, and the cat was here. 

Wendy was determined to find a home other than her own for the cat. However, the local animal shelter was full and couldn’t take her immediately. So, home the two went, with Wendy hoping for a spot to open at the shelter and the cat with a plan to secure a future in Wendy’s home and heart. 

Sounds Like Love is the heart-warming story of a young woman overcoming several challenging life changes that occur all at the same time. She’s gradually losing her hearing, but her grandmother had been helping her weather the storm of her emotions about this turn of events when she suddenly passes away. Her grandmother, having lost her hearing as an adult, was instrumental in her granddaughter preparing for the inevitable. Now Wendy had to deal with an unwanted cat?! I could imagine how piled-on Wendy felt. 

As expected, Wendy has her moments of despair, self-doubt, and self-pity, but the story never lingers on unproductive emotions. The main character is naturally optimistic and was inspired by her grandmother to live her best life no matter what. I loved the note she finds from her grandmother at just the perfect moment. 

There is a budding romance that is ignited by an instant attraction. I was delighted with the twists and turns this particular storyline takes where the past meets the future. This was a fun “fated” meeting and future relationship. 

SOUNDS LIKE LOVE is a fun, inspirational, clean underdog story recommended for young adult readers. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from the author through Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.

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