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Someday Belongs to Us by Margie Seaman 

ARRGH-uably one of the most delightful books I’ve read all year! 

Romance author Kate Caldwell has hit a brick wall plotting the next adventure in her bestselling pirate romance series, and to make matters worse, her editor is insisting she spice up the love scenes beyond her comfort zone. Kate fears her writer’s block may be trying to take up permanent residence in her brain. So, to give her creativity a nudge, she takes a two-week Caribbean cruise with her newly graduated granddaughter, Ellie. 

Ellie is also the ONLY person Kate has ever told the truth about her original inspiration for the series’ handsome hero, Captain Edward Peregrine. The rakish 18th-century adventurer with a heart of gold appeared to her one dark night during a terrible storm in either a very vivid dream or a crazy hiccup in the space-time continuum; she doesn’t know. But the sexy swashbuckler had continued to visit her when she slept and had literally been collaborating with Kate on his adventures ever since. However, after the success of their second book together, they’d quarreled over the direction future books should take, and Edward had disappeared in a huff. To top things off, when he’d left, he’d made a pretty unkind remark to her about her lack of a love life. Kate feared there was some truth to his comment, which was behind her struggle to produce the new book with the heightened love scenes as requested. 

With her deadlines closing in and inspiration still flagging, Kate and Ellie embark on their cruise, finding themselves a part of an enthusiastic and compatible group assigned to the same dinner table. Ellie was pleased to discover another recent college grad her age who shared many of her interests in the group. But Kate found herself attracting the attention of not one but two eligible and handsome older gentlemen. 

Marco is a sophisticated and admiring Italian who loves to dance and is traveling with his invalid sister. While Dr. David Mitchell is a charming widower on sabbatical from the same university Ellie attended. However, after a delightful and exhilarating evening of dancing with Marco and a couple of frozen strawberry daiquiris, Kate returns to the stateroom to find Edward has returned, and he’s ready to put the next novel (and a new lady love) to bed. 

Someday Belongs to Us is Margie Seaman’s debut novel and hopefully is the start of a long, lovely series. Kate is a wonderful character and the type of person one would love to have as a best friend. She’s in her early 70s but is very youthful in mind, spirit, and body, as her absolutely killing it on the dance floor can attest. I liked that she was so genuine - a real standup gal - who also happens to have 30 bestsellers to her name. She and her granddaughter, a real sweetie herself, have the BEST relationship: one any grandmother would envy. And though Marco was the initial hot daddy out of the starting gate, I really rooted for the quiet professor to eventually win her heart. 

I loved how the author had two stories going at one time (and in a first book!) Her handling of the dual plotlines was smooth and seamless, with both having their exciting twists and turns and tender moments. I felt Kate’s excitement as her writing started to flow again, her bittersweet regret over Edward’s new love, and her anger later when a betrayal comes to light. I particularly enjoyed the dance contest subplot with its rehearsals, costumes, and exciting final performance. 

One of the biggest things I got from this delightful book is an urgent desire to go on a cruise! The little tidbits the author included about the day-to-day aboard ship and the island excursions were so tantalizing that I don’t care where I go as long as I go! 

With a charming cast of characters, many of whom are retired persons and senior citizens, stunning story-within-a-story, and the tempting treat of a cruise life setting, SOMEDAY BELONGS TO US is an inspiring romance that incorporates later-in-life love and second-change romance. I recommend it to romance readers who enjoy more mature protagonists, cruises, and PIRATES!

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